Online Self-Assessment

In this section you will find two online self-assessment tools designed to aid the application of your leadership and development learning.

Assess Your Team

If your team are not completing their tasks effectively and team members don’t seem to be cooperating well with each other, there’s no need to despair – it’s well recognised that all teams go through stages of development and it’s part of their natural progression towards becoming an effective team. You can do something about it.

This self-assessment exercise will help you and your team to identify what stage you are at by completing a questionnaire analysing different aspects of teamwork. It will also allow you and your team to discuss what actions you can take to progress to the stage of high performance.

You may wish to use this exercise if you feel that your team could be performing better, and you would like to identify specifically how you can improve. Alternatively, you may simply wish to use it to take stock of what stage the team is at. It will not take long to complete.

Team Stage & Development Assessment

Team Health Check