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Social Economy Leadership: Change, Be Changed or Say Goodbye

Private sector leadership is sometimes hampered by boards at odds with shareholders or even the CEO.  Public sector leadership is often hampered by excessive bureaucracy and political scrutiny, with little freedom to lead.  Social economy leadership can suffer both these and more – too much member involvement and unbusiness-like structures.

Most Important Leadership Skills

Reading an article by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman we were interested in their listing of the most important leadership skills required today and interestingly, how these apply at different management levels.  

New to Gamification? Leaders Better Get Used to It

Have you ever watched someone play Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, or World of Warcraft?  They are totally absorbed in the moment.  What are they playing for, you might ask?  Often, it is just the sense of personal accomplishment in reaching a new level.  “Gamification” – like it or loath it as a phrase, better get used to it.

Think Again If You Use Traditional Measures to Assess Leadership

We have always liked the Dan Pink way of presenting the case for intrinsic motivation.  If you are not one of the many people (12.5m at the last count) who have watched his YouTube presentation on this it is worth a view http://youtu.be/u6XAPnuFjJc .

Board Leadership: Are You a Visionary Director?

We came across this checklist for how a “visionary director” can build long-term shareholder value - what every director of a company is surely supposed to strive for.  The article argued for more long-term, visionary thinking, arguing that,

What Leadership Does a Leader Expect

A recent job specification struck us as interesting in that it showed what a CEO might expect of his/her chief officers.  In this case it wasn't a COO or CIO but a CRO.  A what, you might ask.  A Chief Resilience Officer - a top-level advisor that reports directly to the city leader, tasked with, “establishing a compelling resilience vision for the city, working across departments and with the local community to maximise innovation and minimise the impact of unforeseen events.”

Where Do You Start to Lead Man Utd?

We have some insight into Louis Van Gaal’s intentions from ESPN Sport.  According to their report he is ready to tell the world about his approach to managing Manchester United.  We have some indication of his thinking from a business perspective.

The Peter Principle Applies to Leadership

There are many people who would rather follow than lead and this includes senior managers who are better as a deputy than chief executive.  Is this a sign of weakness or simply appropriate self-awareness?  There is something reassuring for top leaders in having support from deputies who find genuine contentment and fulfillment in a shadow role.  

Let the Real Leader in You Shine Out

If you really want to achieve something and inspire others in the process, you must have an emotional connection with what you have set out to do.   That’s the central message of a new business title, “Communicate to Inspire:  A Guide for Leaders”, written by Kevin Murray

His advice is not to be afraid of exposing yourself by showing your emotions.  All communication involves risk and it is natural to fear that your authentic self will be rejected.  He points out that being inauthentic is the greater risk.  

Leadership Takes Guts

This story appeared in a UK newspaper last week and it brought home a really important point in about leadership.  It takes guts to make a big call as a leader.  It’s what we might call “hard edge” leadership.