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The Importance of Naming Your Emotions

As a leader, you may not be aware of it but the impact of your emotional state has a great impact on others around you.  They can be acutely aware of your mood, even if you are not or indeed you think you have managed to mask it.

Leadership’s An Inside Job

You may be familiar with the idea of “leadership from within” and indeed there is something fundamentally principled and important about the concept.  In the world of leadership discussion we talk a lot about lists of behaviours associated with exemplar leadership but the concept of character, of leadership “as an inside job” is just so compelling and powerful.

The Oz Principle - Accountability

The Oz Principle[1] brilliantly uses the analogy of "The Wizard of Oz" to discuss a philosophy aimed in propelling individuals and organisations to overcome unfavourable circumstances and achieve desired results. This philosophy can be encompassed in one word: ACCOUNTABILITY.

Leaders Need Action and Results

Leadership without action is incomplete and ineffective.  We need action and results to complete the circle.  Without the ability to deliver, all other attributes of leadership become meaningless.

This requires leaders to practice the discipline of “execution” at all levels.  This has to be an explicit part of any organisation’s culture, strategy and planning.  As more than one guru has said, execution is the missing link between aspiration and results.

We liked some of the advice offered in “The Discipline of Getting Things Done”.  It suggests:

Is Leadership About to Become Automated?

Is leadership about to become automated?  The vision of an automated world is giving way to an altogether darker prospect in which algorithms make not just the workers, but many professionals, redundant.  What does this mean for leadership?

It looks like the way forward will be for leaders who best know how to work with (no, not people) robots.  That’s one version of the future - a new discipline which might be termed “artificial emotional intelligence”. 

The Leadership Equation

The equation “Leadership = IQ+MQ+EQ” strikes a chord.  By the way, don't think of it as frivolous.  It comes from a very serious piece of academic research.

Tips on How to Motivate Your Team

Every team suffers from occasional dips in energy and motivation, which can affect team performance.  There are many reasons why this occurs, and it can manifest itself in a number of different ways, whether it’s through a fall in productivity, high levels of staff turnover, a lack of buzz around the office or actual feedback from your team.  If you suspect your team members are feeling low, the following suggestions will help you form an action plan for boosting morale and increasing performance.

It’s Your Meeting: Get Tough With It

We like to complain about meetings but they can be the backbone of efficient communication and highly effective.  It is interesting to read snippets about how Apple and Google run their meetings.

The thing is, meetings can be a highly effective and efficient way of doing business. However, ask anyone and they will tell you of their experience of having to attend badly run and useless meetings.  Could you be as direct as Steve Jobs is reported to have been and ask in the middle of a meeting, " If you have nothing to contribute, just leave and get on with your work..."?

Accountability: The Challenge for Leaders

Getting team members to take responsibility can be frustrating at times.  Most leaders have experience of individuals who do not take responsibility, need a lot of direction and avoid being held accountable.

The first question has to be, how far is this of your own making?  If you keep most of the team decision making to yourself and team members feel that their input is optional, they may “opt out” of being responsible.

Leadership of People and of Things

There was a newspaper article this week (20 December 2014) about the International Space Station (ISS) and an astronaut using a 3D printer to make socket wrench in space.  This is mind-boggling stuff.  World changing technology that transforms the way we can communicate and respond to problems.