Stellar Leadership

Stellar Leadership is a company dedicated to unlocking leadership.  We believe that everyone has the potential to become a better leader.

What makes us different is our approach.  At Stellar we offer leading edge interventions that include the following:

  • Leadership Audit
    • To help identify leadership development needs and ensure that the organisation is ready to support people as they experiment with new leadership practices
  • Unlocking Leadership Programme
    • A practical programme that sets out an action learning pathway so that your people acquire the knowledge, skills and behaviours they will need to become better leaders
  • Leadership Development Plans
    • Individually tailored leadership development plans so that each person’s learning pathway takes account of individual circumstances and learning styles.
  • Getting Results
    • A focus on getting measurable and tangible results for the organisation at strategic, team and/or individual levels.

We provide a rich learning experience that draws on a combination of facilitated workshops, access to online learning resources, guided practice and one-to-one coaching.

“stellar / adj 1 relating to a star or stars  2 relating to or featuring star performers
[late Latin stellaris from Latin stella stars.”

Unlocking Leadership Programme

Unlocking Leadership is our flagship leadership programme.

It is based on the principle that everyone has the ability to become a better leader and that becoming a leader ultimately means getting desired results for the organisation.

We believe that leadership can be learned, but only if a desire to learn is ignited and sustained within a person.  Our emphasis on action learning means that we always strive make learning content relevant, practical, challenging and rewarding for individuals.

New leadership practices are best learned through a guided process of:

  1. Understanding what leadership is and what type of leader you want to become
  2. Getting feedback on your current leadership practice and patterns of behaviour
  3. Committing to a leadership development plan that will help you to become the leader you aspire to be
  4. Experimenting with new behaviours, emotions and ways of thinking
  5. Practicing new learning so that it becomes your new pattern of behaviour
  6. Developing trusting relationships with people who can provide you with regular feedback to reflect on.


“Leadership is an active, influencing relationship among leaders and followers that gets results.”

(Richard O’Rawe, Stellar Leadership)

Knowledge Bank

Our online Knowledge Bank includes a set of multi-media resources designed to support delivery of the Unlocking Leadership Programme.  The Knowledge Bank includes a range of articles, diagnostics, notes and audio-visual presentations to help your people learn more about how to become a better leader.

These diagnostic tools will help your people to gather feedback on how they perform as a leader.  They will learn more about themselves and will be guided in developing a Leadership Development Plan to improve their personal performance.

The Knowledge Bank includes easy-to-use self-assessment feedback tools such as our Unlocking Leadership Questionnaire, Team Health Check and Employee Climate Survey.

“I believe that the capacity that any organisation needs is for leadership to appear anywhere it is needed, when it is needed.”

(Margaret J. Wheatley)

Additional Services

We have a core team of leadership specialists who offer a range of associated services including:

  • Facilitated strategy review workshops with directors and management teams
  • Governance review sessions and board development planning
  • Designing and implementing performance management systems
  • One-to-one coaching for board members and managers
  • Team development, to improve team performance
  • Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Accreditation.

“Heifetz and Parks help to bring to mind the idea of an energetic dance that binds the leader and followers, in which each side is fully present, active and able to shape the other.”

(Warren Bennis)